A Prayer for the Feast Day of James Hannington and the Martyrs of Uganda

Precious in thy sight, O Lord, is the death of thy saints, whose faithful witness, by thy providence, hath its great reward: We give thee thanks for thy martyrs James Hannington and his companions, who purchased with their blood a road unto Uganda for the proclamation of the Gospel; and we pray that with them we also may obtain the crown of righteousness which is laid up for all who love the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ; who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


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2 comments on “A Prayer for the Feast Day of James Hannington and the Martyrs of Uganda

  1. David Keller says:

    I’m sure this won’t play well with the Methodists mentioned above, but the Martys of Uganda were killed for refusal to engage in homosexual acts with the King of Buganda (now part of greater Uganda) and his courtiers. Hannington and an RC priest, whose name I have forgetten, were killed for objecting to the killing of the martyrs. In fairness, it is arguable that Hannington might have been killed anyway, because he was building a road to bypass Islamic slave traders from whom the King was receiving payments.

  2. MichaelA says:

    +Hannington’s last words: “Go tell your master that I have purchased the road to Uganda with my blood.”

    Given the sustained effect that East African Anglicanism is now having on the whole Communion, Bishop Hannington’s work and witness was significant.