Blog Open Thread for the Holidays–if you had to recommend one TV show to Watch What would it be?

We recommend Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes–funny, touching, and full of the colourful context of an English town.

What would you recommend and why would you recommend it? The more specific you can be the better it is for the rest of us–KSH.


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3 comments on “Blog Open Thread for the Holidays–if you had to recommend one TV show to Watch What would it be?

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    My wife and I have watched every available Doc Martin on Netflix and enjoy it a great deal. One facet of town life is conspicuously absent: The folk of Portwenn apparently have no religion – when Doc and Louisa want to marry, the Vicar is drunk, and the one who replaces him seems to have little if no faith at all. If the characters in the series have any spiritual dimension, it is more of the religion of those T S Eliot described as “decent, godless people whose only monument is the asphalt road and a thousand lost golf balls”. The monuments for the people of Portwenn are a couple of fishing boats aground at low tide and a truly beautiful seacoast. Faith, or at least, church attendance, is more a matter of social activity than heartfelt religion. The characters are endearing though Doc begins to wear on one after a while. Given what is usually available on American television, we enjoy Doc Martin and we are preparing for the beginning of the new season of Downton Abbey.

  2. Charles52 says:

    The Walking Dead. I just watched the first three seasons on Netflix, and am considering the radical step of paying for season four on Amazon Prime.

    Now, Supernatural is a guilty pleasure; no guilt for The Walking Dead. There is little religion, per se, but a lot of serious Christian themes get explored, not unlike you read in Lord of the Rings. It’s clear that the whole zombie thing is a metaphor for original sin – we are all infected.

  3. episcoanglican says:

    Shaun the Sheep for the children, charming, zany and sweet — oh and very funny. i enjoy watching it with them. A claymation series out of New Zealnd.