([London] Times) Church of the godless suffers its first schism

In response, the founders of Sunday Assembly [for nonbelievers] ”” Ms [Pippa] Evans and fellow comedian Sanderson Jones ”” have travelled across the US seeking to implant new “assemblies” in coastal cities, in Chicago and even in Nashville, deep in America’s Bible Belt. Jonathan Tobert, 67, a semi-retired research physician, was appointed to serve as a sort of archbishop for this vast new diocese.

Like the Pilgrim Fathers, they have met with controversy and schism. There was even a solitary protester who stood outside one meeting declaring Mr Jones ”” who has a luxuriant red beard ”” to be an agent of the devil.

The New York congregation endured what Mr Tobert called “a healthy split”. “One group wanted a more edgy thing, in bars. We called them the hawks. We, the doves, wanted to have it more churchy. Sanderson agreed that was more his vision.” The hawks split off into a separate movement called “The Godless Revival” which meets in a bar near Times Square. “This has always been a problem for secular people,” said Mr Tobert. “They are by definition free thinkers. It can be like herding cats.”

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2 comments on “([London] Times) Church of the godless suffers its first schism

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    I know one of the *founders* of the Nashville Sunday Assembly group. He used to be an Episcopalian who was at one time quite active at Christ Church Cathedral where his homosexual partner (now *hubby*) was the organist. SO……. I guess TEC’s outreach to the LBGT crowd is not working as well as they hoped……..

  2. Formerly Marion R. says:

    Free thinkers? No.