Allan Haley: How Much Has ECUSA Spent on Lawsuits? [$40 million+]

(Updated Jan. 2014)
In September 2010, I put up an analysis, based on ECUSA’s monthly statements and their annual audited statements through 2009, of how much ECUSA and its major dioceses had spent on attorneys’ fees and other costs associated with the (then) 60+ lawsuits as catalogued here (see pgs. 23-26). In order to give as complete a picture as possible, I also included the latest ECUSA budget projection of legal expenses through the triennium 2010-2012.

One has to realize that ECUSA does not make it easy to discover the amounts it spends on litigation — the leadership at 815 Second Avenue would obviously prefer that those who sit in the pews every Sunday and contribute their pledges not be aware of just how many millions have been squandered on ECUSA’s scorched-earth litigation policy.

I am fully aware that those are fighting words to all those who support the current administration at 815 Second Avenue: “Prove it!” they say. Well, in the course of this post, I intend to do just that. So please suspend your judgment until you have digested the entire piece, and checked out all the links to my sources — which are uniformly from ECUSA’s own published financial statements and official minutes. I am a lifelong Episcopalian myself, and I am utterly ashamed and outraged by what the Presiding Bishop and her cohorts are doing in our Church’s name.

Read it all and see also Allan Haley: Episcopal Church (USA) Annual Litigation Summary 2014


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2 comments on “Allan Haley: How Much Has ECUSA Spent on Lawsuits? [$40 million+]

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Just appalling.

    Mind you, when you think about it, $50,000 for a Tanzanian Primate and $300,000 for an English one is pretty good value.

    You get a lot more bang for your buck outside the States.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    How much is that Primate in the window? The one with the wobbly tail?