(CT) Philip Jenkins–The 160-Year Christian History Behind What's Happening in Ukraine

Tsarist power is long gone, and the Soviet regime that succeeded it had no time for mystical visions. Yet, as that Soviet idea perished in its turn, Russians have turned once more to the religious roots of national ideology. Post-Soviet regimes have worked intimately with the Orthodox Church, which has been happy to support strong government and to consecrate national occasions. In return, the state has helped the church rebuild Orthodox cathedrals and monasteries aplenty. For 20 years now, both state and church have even labored to reconstruct the once potent Russian presence in the holy places themselves, now of course under Israeli political control.

Why are we surprised to see this new holy Russia extend its protecting arm over the Christian-backed Ba’athist regime in Syria? Russian regimes have been staking a claim to guard that region’s Christians for 250 years.

It would be pleasant to think that the U.S. and Europe are taking these religious factors into full account as they calculate their response to the present crisis in Crimea and Ukraine. Pleasant, but unlikely.

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One comment on “(CT) Philip Jenkins–The 160-Year Christian History Behind What's Happening in Ukraine

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    A vintage Philip Jenkins article, offering loads of solid historical information in a highly readable, lucid style. But I especially took note that this illuminating piece appeared in Christianity Today. Hats off to CT as well as to the illustrious Philip Jenkins.

    David Handy+