How Barack Obama Won the South Carolina Primary

Nearly every day, Stacey Brayboy, director of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s S.C. presidential campaign, marched into a St. Andrews Road grocery store to buy her favorite drink, lemonade, and chip away at the ambivalence of one of the store’s female security guards.

“I talked to her. I gave her literature. I got her phone number. She became my own little focus group,” Brayboy said.

During visit No. 8, Brayboy delivered the final pitch: “Have you been contacted by any of those other campaigns?” Brayboy asked. “Edwards? Clinton?”

The security guard shook her head from side to side. “What does that tell you?” asked Brayboy, a Manning native. “They don’t care. But we want your vote because it matters to us.

“We need you.”

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