Executive Council gets briefing on Ecuador's challenges

Members of the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council February 12 heard from a government official, an academic and a Latin American church leader about the challenges facing Ecuador.

The briefing came after Council members, Church Center staff and their guests traveled earlier in the day to one of eight venues in and around Quito to learn about and briefly engage in the mission of the Diocese of Ecuador Central.

Augusto Saa, a minister in the office of the Ecuadorian Vice Chancellor, spoke to Council about Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s plans for the country and the work he has already done to repay what Saa called the country’s “social debt” to those whom he said previous Ecuadorian governments had marginalized. Saa said that marginalization came about despite the country’s richness in natural resources.

“We are living in a very favorable moment,” Saa said, adding that he believes there is the “political will” to change the way the government relates to people.

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3 comments on “Executive Council gets briefing on Ecuador's challenges

  1. Jill C. says:

    And on a related note, Cherie Wetzel’s report for today can be found [url=http://www.anglicansunited.com/2008/02/report_4_council_mission_exper.html] here [/url]

  2. Terry Tee says:

    Oh dear. Could someone send an e-mail to Cherie Wetzel to tell her that the country next door to Ecuador is not Columbia. It is Colombia.

  3. Jill C. says:

    Terry Tee, I believe she has it corrected now
    Mrs. Wetzel also has three more reports on A.U.’s website. The meetings wrapped up today and they are all headed back to the States.