(WSJ) U.S. Job Growth Rebounds in September

U.S. job growth rebounded in September and the jobless rate fell below 6% for the first time since mid-2008, suggesting the labor market is improving faster than previously thought.

Nonfarm payrolls grew a seasonally adjusted 248,000 last month, the fastest pace since June, the Labor Department said Friday.

Revisions showed stronger job growth in prior months than previously estimated. The economy added 180,000 jobs in August instead of the initially reported 142,000. It created 243,000 in July, up from an earlier estimate of 212,000.

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2 comments on “(WSJ) U.S. Job Growth Rebounds in September

  1. Jim the Puritan says:

    Getting increasingly difficult to reconcile all these government reports with the reality we see around us.

  2. David Keller says:

    Read the story above about the NJ woman who tragically died. She had three part time jobs and I can assure you DOL counted all three in their figures. The sad reality is minimum wage in the new (Obama) normal. They cannot grow the economy so their only recourse is to raise the minimum wage. I read recently that the Lexus dealer in Fargo, North Dakota is one of the largest in the world. NoDaks economy is growing at a breakneck pace. This could happen everywhere in America, but it won’t for at least 2 1/2 years.