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GONZALEZ: Erwin McManus is MOSAIC church’s founder and pastor and a man who’s spent his religious career connecting faith to young adults, many of whom grew up with no strong religious beliefs. But McManus says they’re searching for a deeper meaning for their lives.

millenials-post01MCMANUS: You have a generation that is saying we are tapping out of religion in many ways. But what they are not saying is that we are tapping out of a serious search for meaning in life. They are not tapping out of a deep spirituality. In fact, if anything there is an incredible and profound hunger in millennials saying if there is something beyond this life I want to connect to it.

GONZALEZ: Most Americans in their 20s still describe themselves as religious, but according to a poll by the Pew Research Center and Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, one in three millennials has no affiliation with any house of worship. But that doesn’t rule out their embrace of religious beliefs and practices. Experts say the milennials just want to come to faith on their own terms.

BRIE LASKOTA: Millennials, if you had to sum them up in a word, you’d sum them up in terms of choice. Millennials are the most interested in choice. They see it as their American right.

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2 comments on “PBS ' Religion and Ethics Newsweekly–Millennials and Religion

  1. CSeitz-ACI says:

    Miles away from the Great Awakening or a Billy Graham Crusade, both of which assumed we were flawed and needed a Savior. One wonders if making ‘Christianity’ of popular interest owes more to western consumerism. I wonder if we have ever lived through a phase of history when it was important to make Christianity something that appealed to people.

  2. CSeitz-ACI says:

    I should have written, ‘…something that appealed to people, as against the Truth with which we have to do.’