A.S Haley on The Episcopal Church–A Church that Sues Itself Is a Church?

Oh, you may think you see ECUSA far oftener than that, for if you follow lawsuits, ECUSA is perpetually in the news. Every time you see or hear of ECUSA in that sense, it is as the plaintiff in yet another lawsuit against one of its own churches, or dioceses.

But the ECUSA who files suit as a “plaintiff” is not the real ECUSA that the Rev. Dr. William White and others formed in 1789. It is simply the Presiding Bishop and her personal attorneys.

Apparently, they have allowed matters to get out of hand — to the point where this Anglican Curmudgeon must duly report that one arm of ECUSA has agreed to pay money to another arm of ECUSA so that the two arms can dismiss the lawsuits they filed against each other.

Enough about “arms”: let us name names. One branch of ECUSA involved in this imbroglio is what ECUSA was forced by the South Carolina courts to call “the Episcopal Church in South Carolina”, or ECSC for short.

ECSC has quite a speckled history. Thanks to the machinations of the Presiding Bishop and her enablers, it came into formal existence only at the end of January in 2013 — but its roots go back much farther than that, as I detailed in this earlier post, in this one, and in this one.

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