NFL Reverses Call On Church Parties

The NFL, which found itself on the receiving end of protests and controversy after it objected to churches showing the Super Bowl on big-screen televisions, has reversed course and will now permit the viewings.

In a letter to Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league would not object to “live showings — regardless of screen size — of the Super Bowl” by religious organizations.

In response to questions from Hatch, Goodell said in the letter, dated Feb. 19, the NFL will implement the policy starting with next year’s Super Bowl.

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5 comments on “NFL Reverses Call On Church Parties

  1. vulcanhammer says:

    I can’t prove this, but one unspoken issue here could be the fact that many Evangelical churches block the beer commercials out during the Super Bowl. In objecting to church showings, the NFL may have been responding to advertiser pressure.

  2. NancyNH says:

    Here in lovely New Hampshire the NFL warned a movie theater, “Chunky’s,” not to show the Super Bown on a big screen. Chunky’s actually sells beer during the same, so I don’t know what the NFL’s problem with them was – and Chunky’s said it wanted to show the game because, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” I think Chunky’s closed rather than show movies that evening after the NFL stopped their “Plan A.”

  3. NancyNH says:

    Oops. Super BOWL, not bown. And GAME, not same.

  4. Ad Orientem says:

    Wonderful news, just in time for…?

  5. Cranmerian says:

    Sports Bars would be exempted from the over 55″ TV size regulation. Need we say anything else.