Would an endorsement you don't like change your mind about your candidate?

Check out her three examples.


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4 comments on “Would an endorsement you don't like change your mind about your candidate?

  1. physician without health says:

    I would not hire any of these three candidates as Dean of the Advent. But they are running for President, a secular position. I do not pay any more attention to their religion/theology than I would say an applicant for a position in our academic unit.

  2. Katherine says:

    Well, not everyone loves every endorser. Hagee does sound way off the edge with his anti-Catholic rhetoric. However, he’s not McCain’s pastor. Farrakhan is not Obama’s pastor, either, but Obama is a long-time member of a congregation with ties to the Nation of Islam leader, so this seems more serious. But #1 is correct. We are not electing a chief pastor. If I have to wait until someone runs for President who shares my religious dogma, I’ll never be able to vote at all.

  3. Harvey says:

    I will not vote for or against a candidate because of his/her religion. If his/her views represent my views then I most assuredly will vote for him/her; in spite of their religion or lack thereof. The US Constitution does not state a religion or lack of religion as a necessary requirement for any US Government office.

  4. libraryjim says:

    As a candidate gains in popularity, the chance of an endorsement by an embarassing person will become greater. So it doesn’t really matter. everyone is going to be offended by someone, but you really have to go with the candidate you feel either a) best represents your views or b) will do the least damage to the office while holding that office.