Clinton Wins Ohio, Networks Project

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton snapped Barack Obama’s 12-state winning streak with a victory in the Rhode Island primary on Tuesday night, but the Democratic rivals remained locked in tight races in delegate-rich Texas and Ohio, the two key contests of the night.

CNN and NBC News called the Ohio race for Mrs. Clinton, but votes were still being counted. Early returns showed Mrs. Clinton up 57 percent to Mr. Obama’s 41 percent, with just over half the precincts reporting.

Earlier in the evening, Mr. Obama won the Vermont primary by about 22 percentage points. Mrs. Clinton had a margin of about 17 percentage points in Rhode Island.

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5 comments on “Clinton Wins Ohio, Networks Project

  1. Susan Russell says:

    Well, at least it isn’t dull!

  2. azusa says:

    Now Clinton has Texas, Ohio, RI – the Rovian plot is working to plan!
    Look for blood on the convention floor and furious battles over the Florida delegation …

  3. Katherine says:

    People were speculating about the effects of Republicans voting in the Democratic primaries, but exit polls show that even this vote split between Obama and Clinton. The Democrats have a mess on their hands.

  4. Paul PA says:

    So where we will end up at the end of the day is that Obama will win….unless they decide to actually count Michigan and Florida in whch case Clinton wins. I agree with #3 – They sure have created a mess.

  5. Alta Californian says:

    The pressure is mounting for Florida and Michigan to rerun their votes, and even Gov. Crist has said this is a good idea. Some sort of re-vote or caucus is in order, though we have no reason to believe it will make any more of a difference than previous votes have made. This is going to the convention, and it won’t be pretty. And the only real winner may end up being John McCain.