Very Tight in Texas

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4 comments on “Very Tight in Texas

  1. Sidney says:

    I wonder how the people in Florida and Michigan – who moved up their primaries to be more ‘relevant’ – feel now.

    It would be so funny if Montana and South Dakota end up being decisive on June 3. Or PR on June 7.

  2. TWilson says:

    Will be interesting to see if Clinton folks start pressuring DNC to either include or redo the FL and MI primaries.

  3. Alta Californian says:

    I think she’s already started pressuring them to include them as is. Dean seems to favor a revote, and with Gov. Crist backing the plan in Florida I suspect that is what will happen. Michigan doesn’t have a lot of money for a revote, so a caucus or somesuch with the DNC footing the bill is in order. But as I’ve said elsewhere I don’t suspect any of the coming primaries to be any more decisive than the ones we have seen. This will be decided in the back rooms and hotel bars of Denver.

  4. The_Elves says:

    You know, I find the FL and Michigan delegate situation really ironic and got a good laugh last night. I mean, here these two states were so desperate to make their votes relevant and hold them WAY early in the primary season, incurring the DNC’s wrath (and to a lesser extent the RNC’s as well). But with the races as close as they were, they could have held their votes on or after Super Tuesday and still been totally in the thick of things AND had all their delegates count! Too funny.

    I hope that Mich and FL delegations will still be penalized (though I regret that means disenfranchising voters in those states) so as to stop the ever-earlier primary madness. There may be fixes we need to our primary system, but pushing the primaries closer to New Year’s (or heaven forbid earlier?!?!) is not one of them.