From the Baltimore Sun: This call to prayer answered by few

The art student thought she could pray for summery weather, but given yesterday’s sunny skies and shirt-sleeve temperatures, it looked like someone had beat her to it. The unemployed inventor might have prayed for a job, or at least money to continue his life’s work, but he doesn’t kneel very well since a skydiving accident.

Neither Rin (“short for Katherine”) Lack nor Tim Silverwood stopped to take advantage of “Prayer Booth” as they walked by it yesterday, but then, few apparently do. For one thing, it just looks like another phone booth, graffiti-smeared and slightly grimy, that has been abandoned during these cellular times.

But the blue-and-white sign above it says not “Phone” but “Prayer.” And there’s no way to call anyone — on Earth, at least — because there isn’t a pay phone inside, but instead a fold-down kneeler like you’d find in a church.

Someone making a statement that Baltimore is a city that needs but doesn’t have a prayer? Or that you shouldn’t waste time on earthly beings but try for a direct line to God? Or even commentary on Baltimore as the one-time home of the world’s most famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair?

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