New book details Chinese spy effort ahead of Olympics

As athletes train for the summer Olympics in China, a new book claims that the country’s vast spy network is gearing up for a different challenge – keeping an eye on journalists and potential troublemakers.

French writer Roger Faligot, author of some 40 intelligence-related books, has penned ‘The Chinese Secret Services from Mao to the Olympic Games’, due out February 29.

His findings claim that special teams are being formed at the country’s embassies abroad “to identify sports journalists … and to define if they have an ‘antagonistic’ or ‘friendly’ attitude in regards to China.”

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2 comments on “New book details Chinese spy effort ahead of Olympics

  1. robroy says:

    There is also an [url= ]article[/url] by George Conger coming out today where the number four man is making intonations of the state “can use religion to enhance social harmony.” Religion is kept on a short leash in China.

  2. Cennydd says:

    There is also a thing called “saving face.” “Mustn’t look bad to others, must we?”