Bishop Frey will serve as Assisting Bishop in Rio Grande

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15 comments on “Bishop Frey will serve as Assisting Bishop in Rio Grande

  1. azusa says:

    Their beloved former Bishop Terry Kelshaw gets the bum’s rush for the sin of joining the province of Uganda. Hmm, last time I checked Uganda was still in the Anglican Communion.

  2. TLDillon says:

    Is Bp. Frey 70 year of age? The reason I ask is that if the lefties are pushing their verbiage so hard at Bp. Schofield about manditory retirement age of 70. then how can these retired bishops come out of retirement past the age of 70 and be a bishop some where else or acting bishop like Lamb might be in San Joaquin? What is the point of manditory rretirement at 70 if you can be cre-called by another diocese well after that?

  3. Dale Rye says:

    Last time I checked, Rio Grande was still a diocese in TEC and Uganda was stating that it is not in communion with TEC.

  4. Dale Rye says:

    Re #2: Bishops are required to retire from any position with jurisdiction on reaching retirement age, but they are not required to die on that date. Consequently, they are still able to fill functions considered appropriate for a retired bishop, such as assisting in providing episcopal pastoral care and sacramental ministry in a diocese where the ecclesiastical authority asks for the assistance.

  5. TLDillon says:

    Thank you Dale Rye for answering my question.

  6. Frances Scott says:

    I think the general tone of this letter is very positive. Bishop Kelshaw obviously leaves with the standing cmmittee’s blessing. I hear no recriminations. The only thing that bothers me is the repeated use of the terms “visioning” and “reconciliation”. If these words still carry for Rio Grande their original connotation, well and good; if, however, they carry the new connotation imputed by TEC, I fear for the people of Rio Grande.

  7. azusa says:

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  8. David Keller says:

    I went on the TEC web to look at the Constitution and Canons, because I was pretty sure mandatory retirement age is actually 72, not 70. I was correct. The interesting thing is that the TEC web is featuring Gene Robinson’s book and an opportunity to pre-order so you can receive it on its publication date of 4/22!

  9. TLDillon says:

    David Keller,
    Thank you for the correction, but my main point of my question was answered by Dale Rye, which is what I was looking for. The age is important but not as important as the question that I asked and thankful to Dale Rye in giving an answer, of which you did not answer only wanted to make a correction point. So thanks again for that! 🙂

  10. David Keller says:

    One Day–Actually, I was more interested in the hawking of VSG’s book. I suspect they wouldn’t give a full page to Bob Duncan, Jack Iker, etc.

  11. TLDillon says:

    David Keller,
    They, +Duncan and +Iker do not fit the TEc profile of bishop and entitlement for note worthiness in their secular [i]NewThing Teology[/i] view! Nothing new there, sadly.

  12. Alta Californian says:

    One Day, for whatever else it may be worth, Bishop Lamb retired from Northern California well before the mandatory age. It was entirely voluntary, and surprised some of the folks here in the diocese. If memory serves me, he is about 67 or so. Ostensibly he was going to retire quietly in Las Cruces, New Mexico, but thanks to very close ties to PB Jefferts Schori (they’ve been friends for many years, going back to her ordination process days in Oregon) found himself interim in Nevada and now possibly viceroy of San Joaquin.

  13. TLDillon says:

    #12 Alta Californian: Thank you for the info on Jerry Lamb. I’m sure the Reamin Episcopal churches and those staying in TEc in San Joaquin will be pleased to know all of this. I’m thankful to be in the Southern Cone.

  14. nwlayman says:

    The Via Media folks in Albuquerque will squirm a bit at this news.

  15. Chris Hathaway says:

    Bishop Frey will help shield the diocese from the dark powers of Mordor. But the fact remains that Mark Lawrence’s ordeal showed that he is very likely the last orthodox man ever to be allowed consecrated in TEC. The zietgiest will not be refused again.