Seeking to preserve a church's tradition in Minnesota

Historic Pipestone Inc. has added a new building to its list of preservation projects. The group purchased the St. Paul Episcopal Church located at 221 4th street SE. It is the oldest existing church building in Pipestone and one of only two quartzite stone churches remaining in Pipestone.
Dave Christensen and Chuck Draper, members of Historic Pipestone Inc. said the organization wanted to purchase the church building in order to preserve its history and structure.

“It has really great architecture,” Draper said.” It is a good example of an early church.”

The church will be cared for and renovated over the next few years. As with anything that is more than 100 years old, the building is going to require some TLC mixed with plenty of elbow grease. Christensen said replacing the windows is at the top of the committee’s to do list. Followed by fixing the bathrooms and painting the sanctuary.

“The windows are leaded stained glass and some of the leading is coming loose,” Christensen said.

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4 comments on “Seeking to preserve a church's tradition in Minnesota

  1. Charley says:

    Seeking TO, I assume?

  2. the roman says:

    How curiously sad. The article doesn’t say when or if St. Pauls was deconsecrated or how long it’s existed as an empty building. Now to be preserved as a monument to 19th century Anglican architectural tastes? Better that than a ruin. Good for the good people of Pipestone.

  3. Cennydd says:

    Now, to what use is the building to be put? A museum, perhaps?

  4. Bill Matz says:

    LOL #3. In the MN town my great-grandfather helped found, the old Episcopal church is indeed the town museum.