Bishop Dan Martins: A Word on Holy Matrimony

I write to you here on a subject that elicits strong emotions. None should be particularly surprised by what I say. Many”“most, perhaps”“will be relieved and grateful. Some will be grieved and angry. It is my place to absorb both the gratitude and the grief with steadfastness of conviction and an abundance of charity. I invite each of you to read with care, patience, and precision”“and then to also absorb that which pleases you and that which disturbs you with the confidence of your convictions and a measure of charity beyond that which you think yourself capable of. Let grace abound.

The recent 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church promulgated under the “trial use” canon liturgical rites that purport to solemnize marriage between persons of the same sex, effective this coming Advent. This was a profound and tragic mistake. Marriage has certainly evolved considerably over the millennia of human existence. Different cultures and different eras have adapted it in a variety of ways. But there has always been one constant, something so self-evidently obvious that it has scarcely merited mention, and that is the element of sexual complementarity”“a marriage requires the presence of both sexes.

Marriage is not merely a human social construct, an institution that we created and are therefore at liberty to recreate and redefine as seems right and expedient

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2 comments on “Bishop Dan Martins: A Word on Holy Matrimony

  1. CSeitz-ACI says:

    Seems like a very resolute statement. Certainly ‘make provision’ as in 054 is being interpreted by +Martins as, cars may convey one to other dioceses than my own, including clergy I have oversight of.

    I wonder how the progressive forces will react to this minimalist interpretation of 054?

  2. Capt. Father Warren says:

    On his FB page, they have reacted predictably……