From the Email Bag


Thank you so much for your blog. It really is the best source of information on TEC available. I also greatly appreciate your various “off topic” posts that remind one and all that we live in a real world, most of which has never heard of TEC, nor would care if they did.

I left ECUSA about 12 years ago when I was working for an educational institution and did not have a cure. I could easily see where the church was headed and determined that my first ministry was to my family who should be protected from so much that goes on in the church. Years later, through a chain of events that only God the Holy Spirit could have orchestrated, I am the rector of a fledgling church plant. Although events in the Episcopal do not directly affect me any more, they do have an indirect effect. So I believe I have to keep posted on what is transpiring, and your blog is one of my best aids in this effort.

Please be encouraged that your blog is an encouragement to many.

Regarding the flaming… [comments by some] to your blog, my suggestion is that you require all who post to use their real names. That would change things considerably, although likely not completely solve the problem.

Peace in Christ this most holy of weeks,

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