(Ethics Daily) Paul Hobson–British Report: Christianity Far From Being Extinct

Most people like the Christians they know while the vast majority of the population still identify with the Christian faith.

Fifty-seven percent of people in England call themselves Christians (though a fraction of those would be described as “practicing”), and one in five of those who don’t is open to finding out more about Jesus after hearing Christians talk to them about their faith.

These are some of the findings of a new study looking at perceptions of Jesus, Christianity and evangelism.

A coalition of church groups, supported by the majority of the mainstream denominations in the United Kingdom (including the Baptist Union of Great Britain) commissioned the first-of-its-kind survey in the hope it will be a major catalyst for effective and focused evangelism in the years to come. It intends to track the data over the next 30 years.

Read it all and please note the link to the full report.


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