Archbishops of York and Canterbury: Reply to letter from Jayne Ozanne and co-signatories

The Church of England has today published a response of the Archbishops of York and Canterbury to the letter received from Jayne Ozanne and co-signatories from January of this year.
You will remember that from the concluding News Conference when the Primates Communique was first publicised, the Archbishop of Canterbur emphasised that LGBTI people had been very badly treated by churches; for that he offered a personal, heartfelt and unequivocal apology, This is echoed in the communique, in which the Primates express their sorrow.

However there needs to be clarity as to what an expression of repentance does and does not mean. It should not be misconstrued as to include an implicit rejection of the Church’s doctrine of marriage as we have received it. As you know the Church of England’s understandings of these matters is a matter for discussion at the present time in our ‘Shared Conversations’. The outcome of these conversations is not yet known.….

Read it all [pdf] from here


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