[Andrew Nixon] What I learned about Dementia and faith

..How can we, the church of God, help? Lots of ways! But for one thing ”“ and lets start with the really low hanging fruit first ”“ I believe many (most?) carers who would love to be able to bring their loved ones to church. They know how much it means to them. But are our services accessible (dementia friendly)? Are our buildings adequate (walker and wheelchair accessible)? And are our congregations open to it?

There are multiple benefits if we can help enable church attendance. (1) We can bless the person with dementia enormously. (2) We can demonstrate the love of Jesus to their carer/s who would embrace our concern for their loved one (and for them!) with open arms. We are well tuned-in to the idea that by reaching kids and youth in our schools and communities we can also reach their un-churched parents. Can I suggest by caring for the elderly as we ought, we have a chance to reach their un-churched adult children too? And here is a benefit you may not have thought of immediately: (3) By including those with dementia in our church life as much as we possibly can, we (both as individuals and the community of God’s people) will learn from them and be blessed by them..

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