An unshakable faith

Three months ago, in the art decor aisle at the Marshalls in Mount Pleasant, the vision in Ramey Reeves’ left eye starts flickering like a bad light bulb.

Panicked and alone, Ramey, 33, leaves her shopping cart and the tin artwork she has chosen and lies down on the sidewalk in front of the store. She calls her nutritionist, the first physician in her mind because she’d visited him an hour ago.

“I don’t feel right.”

He tells her to get to Nason Medical Center so a doctor can examine her. Doctors there scan her head and find something on the rear right part of her brain. It was a small mass. That begins a series of bad news.

“It could be MS,” the doctor tells her, “or a brain tumor.”

Ramey cries.

Thousands of people each year from all walks of life learn they have a brain tumor. But Ramey is about to be diagnosed with one of the most stubborn and dangerous of all.

In the coming weeks, she will experience dizziness and despair. She will find loyalty in family and friends, yet face loneliness in her affliction. She will fear losing her eyesight and the real possibility of leaving everyone far too early. And the very thing that Ramey holds dearest in life ”” her faith that Jesus is in control ”” will be tested like never before.

Read it all from the front page of today’s local paper.


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2 comments on “An unshakable faith

  1. drjoan says:

    Kendall, I hope you will keep us posted, too.

  2. sophy0075 says:

    I pray Philippians 4:6-7 for Ramey and her family.