Episcopal Church Executive Council: the Presiding Bishop's opening remarks

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One comment on “Episcopal Church Executive Council: the Presiding Bishop's opening remarks

  1. John Boyland says:

    The heritage of the movement of people who were profoundly convicted by this Jesus of Nazareth because this dude really did have something to say and really did help folks get closer to God and each other.
    Rather weak for someone who is supposedly a believer in the Trinity. The whole text talks about following [our own flawed understanding of] Jesus’ example. There’s no cross, no sin, no forgiveness, no sense that Jesus is God incarnate.

    The only mention of following Jesus himself as Lord is a quote from the liturgy and this is immediately glossed as “we live out our relationship with God by following the way of Jesus in our lives.” Jesus is reduced from a person to a label for a philosophy. (We don’t follow Jesus the person, we follow the “Jesus”(tm) Way.)

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s just another case where “just changing our stance on homosexuality” ends up eviscerating one’s entire Christology.