St. Anne’s Anglican Church's Response to Being Sued by the Diocese of San Diego

(Parish press Release)

Oceanside, Calif. ”“ We are deeply disappointed that the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego and its Bishop, James R. Mathes, have been caught up in the national tidal wave of lawsuits being filed by The Episcopal Church against local church congregations that have realigned with other Provinces of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, and instead have filed a senseless and intolerant lawsuit against St. Anne’s Anglican Church in an attempt to confiscate all of its church property, including the sanctuary, Bibles, hymnals and office files.

We are amazed at the disregard of the religious and property rights of St. Anne’s church members who overwhelmingly voted their conscience to end their affiliation with The Episcopal Church and The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego over a year ago. Missing from the Diocese’s lawsuit and press release is any confession that the property of St. Anne’s is, and always has been, held in the name of St. Anne’s. Over many decades, St. Anne’s members have given sacrificially to maintain the property and operate the church without any financial support from the Diocese.

Since ending its affiliation with The Episcopal Church in January 2006 to remain steadfast and loyal in their commitment to the Holy Scripture and the historic teachings of Christianity, St. Anne’s membership and ministries have flourished, growing more than 40%, adding new clergy, and spawning two new churches in the San Diego area.

St. Anne’s will continue to worship at its present location and facilities in Oceanside.


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3 comments on “St. Anne’s Anglican Church's Response to Being Sued by the Diocese of San Diego

  1. Don Armstrong says:

    Amazing how much better congregations do once they dissociate from TEC…

  2. MargaretG says:

    I think this must be the church stats page – looks like they just repeated the 2004 figures for 2005 – an interesting way to go when the church has actually voted to go.

  3. viamediator says:

    Well Margaret, St Anne’s left the diocese of San Diego in January of 2006. And, you are right the numbers are repeated, but it was the diocese that repeated the numbers.
    St Anne’s was long gone by the time 2005 numbers were put to paper in San Diego. They did not get any numbers from St Anne’s for 2005.
    I believe on a recent Sunday there were over 400 worshippers at all of St Anne’s services.