(ENS) bishops make three-day journey into diversity and inclusion

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry presented the three days as a way for bishops to begin to exercise their role as reconcilers and to invite others into that role as well.

“This is a time of great chaos and upheaval in the country and the presiding bishop is calling us to the Church’s stance of a beloved and gracious community,” East Michigan Bishop Todd Ousley, chair of the house’s planning committee, said.

Curry also “reminded us that in many ways we have been bystanders and that in this particular moment … we are called to get off the sideline and to engage with something more than words … to not just give lip service to issues of inclusion and diversity, to check off that anti-racism box,” Ousley said.

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4 comments on “(ENS) bishops make three-day journey into diversity and inclusion

  1. Katherine says:

    Three days of blah, blah, blah. For example, “…discussing how to recognize “modern isms” as opposed to classic “isms” …” One would have to agree with Bishops Martins that little to none of this was of any practical use for dioceses.

  2. Your pledge dollars at work.

  3. Katherine says:

    Not mine, happily, Pewster. I saw the light in 2002.

  4. Jim the Puritan says:

    I think spending 3 days studying the Bible would have been a lot more fruitful.