A Look Back to May 2016– Task group appointed to ‘maintain conversation’ among Anglican primates

A task group has been appointed to “maintain conversation” among the Primates of the Anglican Communion as requested during the Primates’ Gathering and Meeting in Canterbury Cathedral in January. The Primates asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to establish the group as part of their commitment to “walk together” despite “deep differences”….

The members of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s task group are:

Archbishop Richard Clarke from the Church of Ireland; Presiding Bishop Michael Curry from the US-based Episcopal Church; Bishop Govada Dyvasirvadam, Moderator of Church of South India;Archbishop Ian Ernest, from the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean; Archbishop Philip Freier, from the Anglican Church of Australia; Archbishop Ng Moon Hing, from the Province of South East Asia; Canon Rosemary Mbogo, the Provincial Secretary of the Anglican Church of Kenya; the Rt Revd Linda Nicholls, co-adjutor bishop of the diocese of Huron in the Anglican Church of Canada; the former vice chair of the ACC, Canon Elizabeth Paver, from the Church of England; and Bishop Paul Sarker, the Moderator of the Church of Bangladesh.

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One comment on “A Look Back to May 2016– Task group appointed to ‘maintain conversation’ among Anglican primates

  1. rwkachur says:

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve looked at an article about Anglican “conversations”. I remember those optimistic days of “Communion Partners” and even “Indaba”. I see that not much has changed. The conversation will continue until the progressives get their way and then the conversation will end. Thank you for the reminder of why I do not follow this particular line much at all. I am, however, thrilled to have the Diocese of South Carolina in ACNA. I attended a service at Trinity, Myrtle Beach while I was on vacation and certainly was treated as a brother in Christ.