Sunday Food for Thought–Responding to Temptation

A little girl was asked what she did when she was tempted. She replied,”Well, when I hear Satan come knocking at the door of my heart, I just say to the Lord Jesus, who lives within my heart, ‘Lord Jesus, will You please go to the door?’ And then, when the Lord Jesus opens the door, Satan draws away and says, ‘Oh, excuse me, I have made a mistake.'”

God has given us Himself to dwell within our hearts. The Living Word is there with a full command of the Written Word. When we let Him meet the temptation in our behalf we shall know the joy of positive victory. We are fortunate that one victory does not help us to win another, for our hearts are kept from feasting upon an experience so that we may gaze upon the living Lord Jesus Christ.

–Donald Grey Barnhouse (1895–1960)


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  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    This should have been at the conclusion of today’s sermon but I wiffed at the ball and forgot it.