An Eastern Daily Press Profile of Soon-to-be C of E Priest James Marston

I also have to change my name from simple Mr to [the] Rev’d – this comes with it responsibility and some high expectations – even, I think, in today’s secular world.

My mother has already told me I shan’t be able to swear when I’m ordained. In a way she’s sort of right – a man swearing in a dog collar isn’t exactly edifying – but by saying so she is pointing towards the fact that people expect certain levels of behaviour and demeanour from a clergyman, at least I think they still do in our part of the world.

On Saturday, I am also signing up to obeying the Bishop and working within the structures and hierarchies of the Church of England.

This institution hasn’t always had the best press, and on occasion, too many occasions, it has fallen far away from what people expect of it. Nonetheless, I still strongly believe the church is a force for good and an instrument of God’s grace.

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