Bishop Ted Gulick of Kentucky on the 2008 Lambeth Conference

One of the things that I re-learned in-depth is that the Episcopal Church probably has the most federal understanding of what the Anglican Communion is and the churches in the developing world have the
most organic, or unified understanding of the Anglican Communion. … If you’re living in southern Africa and you go to Eucharist in Zimbabwe, you feel like you’re in your church. It feels like one church to them”¦. From our end of the spectrum, we feel like we’re in a federation of churches that share a heritage. ”¦ As they expressed their reaction to our actions, they were also expressing the depth of their sense of communion with us.

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One comment on “Bishop Ted Gulick of Kentucky on the 2008 Lambeth Conference

  1. Sidney says:

    Who wrote this document?

    What are the circumstances – date, place, etc?

    That he uses the word ‘moratorium’ to describe (presumably) B033 is kind of interesting. A lot of reappraisers and reasserters alike would not do that.

    It is an interview in the September edition of the diocesan newspaper–ed.