Statistics for the Episcopal Diocese of Florida

Take a look.


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5 comments on “Statistics for the Episcopal Diocese of Florida

  1. RomeAnglican says:

    Yep, membership’s all the way back to 30K where it was. And Bishop Howard is orthodox, too.

  2. Statmann says:

    As one can see in the chart for the Diocese of Florida, Membership has declined about 22 percent since 2002 and nominal (not adjusted for the inflation of 16 percent) Plate & Pledge has declined 12 percent since 2002. The loss in Plate & Pledge is the worst in TEC. Yet, I will say one thing about this diocese: it has reported honest estimates, unlike other dioceses that I will not identify in this post.

  3. RomeAnglican says:

    Well, Statmann, this is what the Times-Union article referenced above said: “But the months and years since have changed things, Howard said. Membership has returned to about 30,000 and giving is back up to pre-2003 levels.” If the second part of that is from Bishop Howard, then your praise for honesty from the diocese might be a bit too generous.

  4. Statmann says:

    RomeAnglican: Should have made it clearer that I was judging the 2007 data for Florida just published by TEC. The data appear more “honest” than for several other dioceses. But I accept your suggestion that honest data does not make an “honest” bishop.

  5. RomeAnglican says:

    Statmann: Ain’t that the truth!