New Anglcian Church plant opens its doors for Sunday worship in Waxahachie, Texas

A new church plant, St. Mark the Evangelist Anglican Church, opened its doors to Waxahachie and is bringing Sunday worship to the community come Nov 1.

“We’re a new church plant in Waxahachie and we’ve been worshipping for a couple of months now on Wednesday evenings over at the First Look Pregnancy Center on Ferris, but we are going to be starting an addition to Wednesday evenings, Sunday morning worship and we’re going to be downtown on The English Merchants Parlour,” said the Rev. Jason VanBorssum.

The church began when a small group came together after their previous church closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There was a small group that was a part of another church the priest retired and he decided when coronavirus happened that they would kind of close down as a church and these folks were kind of left on their own,” shared VanBorssum. “They reached out to my bishop – we are part of a Reformed Episcopal Church, which is part of the larger Anglican Church in North America … and they said ‘we’d like to continue on as a church, could we be brought in with you all?’ and that launched a conversation and I was sent down to Waxahachie and lead them.”

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