Minette Marrin: What a relief we now have more sense than money

The recession has reversed the phrase “cash-rich, time-poor” – a phrase that sums up the skewed priorities of our period of wealth. Time is almost the only thing that is recession-proof. Most of us are now more time-rich. Time cannot disappear into the ether with a dodgy derivative; in fact, time for other people is the best silver lining in the cloud of recession.

The other thing that is recession-proof is love, along with the time to express it. So things are not all bad. We can hold tight those who are close to us, save the baggy cardie and take time to talk to one another. Happy Christmas.

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One comment on “Minette Marrin: What a relief we now have more sense than money

  1. C. Wingate says:

    Oy. What a relief it must be, to have so slack a waistline that belt-tightening is so painless. How pleasant it must be that one can rein in one’s excesses, instead of taking on second jobs or fretting about whether one’s medical expenses are now going to force choices between health and housing.