(Premier) Diversity in C of E can only be addressed if black clergy stand up to it, says Bishop

Speaking to Premier, Bishop Joe says although the Church of England is putting measures in place to try to increase the number of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) clergy, they won’t be effective unless those clergy push for change and are vocal from within the structure itself :

“All the indications are that the Church of England have been trying to address racism. The question for me is whether the way the Church of England is going about it is likely to succeed.

“My fear is that historically, like much of the rest of society, the Church of England is trying to address the issue by trying to hold the feet of the church to the fire. I’m afraid no matter how long you hold the feet of the institution to the fire, it is not likely to be able to deliver what is required. What is needed is some activism that sees them as equal participants in this business of bringing about equality.

“Black people within the Church of England need to stand up as human beings – as Christians in their own right – not trying to somehow fit in with a white-ism that has its historic roots in slavery.

“What is needed is for the black people, particularly within the Church of England to stop pleading with the institution to change and to stand up to it and make it change.”

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