Thomas Friedman: Obama’s Big, Bold Bet

Mr. Obama is betting that the totality of economic policies his team and the Federal Reserve have put in place will act, like radiation therapy, to halt the spread and reduce the size of the cancerous tumors eating away at our financial system ”” and stimulate enough new growth and optimism so that Phase II will be small enough to get past Congress and the public.

As Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told ABC News, “If we get to that point” ”” where more funds are needed ”” “we’ll go to the Congress and make the strongest case possible and help them understand why this will be cheaper over the long run to move aggressively.”

Have no doubt, Phase II is coming. At best, it will require hundreds of billions of dollars more, at worst more than a trillion, to deal with more bad loans and toxic assets weakening the economy ”” problems that Phase I can’t fully absorb. Because unemployment is still rising ”” ensuring that the initial spate of mortgage defaults, which came from loans to people who could never repay, will be followed by another spate of defaults from those who could repay but now can’t because the deteriorating economy has stripped them of their jobs, their businesses or their credit lines.

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3 comments on “Thomas Friedman: Obama’s Big, Bold Bet

  1. Jeffersonian says:

    Bet?? It’s more like a heist done right in front of us. But don’t believe me, [url=]listen to what this chap has to say[/url]. And it’s being done right in front of us.

  2. Jeffersonian says:

    Also [url=]this[/url].

    Geithner is trying to tell us he’s making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but he’s really just filling up a bunch of his pals’ silk purses and sticking us with the pigs’ ears.

  3. tgs says:

    Jeffersonian – you’re right and further proof is the Michael Rozeff article posted above.What’s going on is nothing more than the biggest theft and power grab in American history. I see little hope of it’s being stopped by the Republicans in Congress. If it can be stopped at all, it will have to be done by the States or by the people themselves.