Graduation Weekend for the Harmon Family

Nathaniel graduates from the Pinewood School today; he plans to attend Boston University in the fall. His sister Selimah flew home from the Millbrook School in southern New York state to be with us, and Abigail drove up from the College of Charleston. Elizabeth and I, well, we just work here as many of you know. It is great to have all the brood under one roof–KSH.

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4 comments on “Graduation Weekend for the Harmon Family

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Congratulations, Kendall. As an empty-nester myself (our two children are 20 and 27, both Wheaton grads), I remember what a big deal graduation weekend was, not just for them, but for my wife and me.

    So now you’ll have two in college at the same time? Lord, have mercy.

    David Handy+

  2. TreadingGrain says:

    Congratulations, Harmon Family! A wonderful time of life.

  3. Antonio says:


  4. benrey says:

    If he is looking for an Anglican church (AMiA) in boston we are steps from BU. Church of the Cross –