Speakers Announced for ACNA Assembly

Three Christian leaders, Pastor Rick Warren, Metropolitan Jonah, and the Rev. Todd Hunter have agreed to be among those addressing the organizing Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America scheduled for June 22”“25 at St. Vincent’s Cathedral in Bedford, Texas.

Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church, will speak on June 23. Warren, a longtime friend of orthodox Anglicans, has been repeatedly recognized as a key spiritual leader in America. Named “America’s Most Influential Pastor” by Christianity Today in 2003, Warren has also been called one of “America’s 25 Best Leaders” (US News and World Report 2006), and one of the “15 People Who Make America Great” (Newsweek 2006). Saddleback Church, founded by Warren in 1980, is an innovative evangelical congregation of 22,000 in Lake Forest California.

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7 comments on “Speakers Announced for ACNA Assembly

  1. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) says:

    I am somewhat surprised Os Guinness is not in that group. Perhaps he was asked and had a schedule conflict. Two of Mr Guinness’s most cogent comments are:

    a) “It’s time for Christians to get out of the hot tub and into the weight room.” and

    b) “The Episcopal Church is the most corrupt church in America.”

  2. Eugene says:

    Bart: could you give me a reference for Os’ second quote (“The Episcopal Church is the most corrupt church in America.” )

  3. DonGander says:

    I am a bit surprised by that lineup. There are so many outstanding orthodox men. Warren is heavily influenced by Existentialism.


  4. DonGander says:

    Surprised = disappointed


  5. RazorbackPadre says:

    Where are the Anglicans in this lineup?

  6. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) says:

    Eugene: I personally heard him say that in a lengthy radio interview (Dobson??) about eight or nine years ago … definitely well before GC’03 in any case.

  7. Anastasios says:

    Anyone care to weigh in on the ecumenical implications of having the head of the Orthodox Church in America in the line-up?