South Carolina's Head General Convention Deputy Already Has Pictures up

Check it out here and you can find more links with pictures there.


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13 comments on “South Carolina's Head General Convention Deputy Already Has Pictures up

  1. martin5 says:

    Great pictures but I thought I saw a rainbow flag … It turns out to be the projector screen.

  2. Words Matter says:

    I have read John Burwell’s reports from the last two (three?) GenCons, and they are excellent. More than any other, they give a feel for what it’s like to be there. Thanks and prayers to Fr. Burwell.

  3. APB says:

    These have been a great source for not only what is happening, but what it feels like. Now, if he would only implement an RSS feed. 🙂

  4. rbatts says:

    I see he was met with such a “warm” reception. I fear it will only get worse.

  5. James Manley says:

    [blockquote]More than any other, they give a feel for what it’s like to be there.[/blockquote]

    Good Heavens. (Crosses one’s self.)

  6. InChristAlone says:

    So is it normal to not allow pictures in GC, especially in the bishop’s room? Why so secretive?

  7. Alta Californian says:

    Someone tell him there’s a trolley that goes from the Convention Center (and the Hilton) to DLand. $4 a day, but it’s nice after a day on one’s feet in the park.

  8. WoCoNation says:

    My best guess is that the “no pictures” person was just being contrary. There may be some rule against photography while the house is in session, and she was just broadening the rule. Either that or just being a pain because of the somewhat smart-aleck comment made regarding the camera. Just a guess though.

  9. MKEnorthshore says:

    “Did you see the extra Cross? The one right here” [image of boxes piled in cross shape]. I’m getting old, and I probably need a new lense prescription; but, can anyone see a “primary” cross on the dais? All I could see was a bunch of flags (reminding me of the last GC).

  10. WoCoNation says:

    #9: In the worship room with the “boxes” cross, there is a primary cross that appears on the stage above the second chair from the left.

    No cross in the house chamber though, save one on the Dominican Republic flag, another for the Swiss, and three from the Union Jack.

  11. Nasty, Brutish & Short says:

    Sitting at tables for worship services? Yuck.

  12. Cennydd says:

    The photos of the meeting hall remind me of a political convention. Then again, maybe that’s what this convention is all about!

  13. The Lakeland Two says:

    #11 – Indaba-doo, Ubuntu-doo.