Russian Orthodox Patriarch Agrees With Pope

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia is affirming that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church stand together on many current social issues.

The Russian Orthodox leader stated this Tuesday while addressing a bishops’ meeting of his Church in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral, Interfax reported.

He observed: “We [together with the Roman Catholic Church] have similar positions on many problems facing Christians in the modern world. They include aggressive secularization, globalization, and the erosion of the traditional moral principles.

“It should be noted that on these issues Pope Benedict XVI has taken a stance close to the Orthodox one.”

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3 comments on “Russian Orthodox Patriarch Agrees With Pope

  1. IchabodKunkleberry says:

    The 2010 vs. 1988 stats indicate vibrant growth for the Russian Orthodox Church.

  2. deaconjohn25 says:

    So often in the Bible God uses His people’s enemies to achieve His purposes. Possibly in our time He is using the cancerous spread of secularization–even among many non Catholic-Orthodox churches to bring about the end of the millenia old tragic division in the Mother Church of Christendom.

  3. MichaelA says:

    Good to hear from Patriarch Kiril – in the past he has sent some very encouaraging messages to Anglican churches who have attempted to be faithful to scripture.