Local Paper: Q&A with the new Roman Catholic Bishop of Charleston, Robert E. Guglielmone

Q: The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist finally got its new bells and steeple, growing in height and volume. Looking at the downtown Charleston skyline from the Cooper River Bridge, one sees three steeples in close proximity, not just two. The landscape has changed. Do you think this is a symbolic reflection of changes in the diocese?

A: It is symbolic in that the Catholic presence in Charleston is visibly presented in this wonderful addition to the Cathedral. Catholics are an important part of South Carolina, and we do a lot in terms of faith, education, health care and outreach to the poor, elderly and lonely. I wish we could do more, and I hope to expand our ministries if we can build sufficient resources to do so.

Q: Who’s your favorite saint, and why?

A: Francis of Assisi. He was focused on the mission given him by God and came to appreciate all that God has given us: This beautiful world, all of creation which inhabits it. (He was not interested) in any materialistic goal.

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