Time Magazine: Uganda Becomes an Anglican Haven

Anglican bishops met in Tanzania in February to issue an ultimatum to the U.S. church, calling for an end to both the appointment of gay clergy and the approval of same-sex unions. After a six-day meeting in New Orleans, American Episcopalians decided Wednesday that they will “exercise restraint” in doing both actions, but did not announce an end to its liberal position on homosexuality. The Episcopal Church also called for an end to the practice of foreign bishops consecrating Americans.

“The decision is inadequate ”” clearly, the Episcopal Church has torn apart the Anglican Communion and wants to walk away from the rest of the church,” Guernsey says. “The Episcopal Church embarked on its course before there were African bishops and will continue to do so.” He adds that American churches have become too dry and lost their vigor. In contrast, Guernsey says that Western visitors are often overwhelmed by the heightened religiosity found in Ugandan churches.

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  1. SQ says:

    Does anyone know if there will be an informal response to the Sept 30th deadline by vestries and congregations across the nation ? I have heard of some in Colorado and wonder if there are more.