Scottish Anglicans call for gay tolerance

The Scottish and Mexican leaders were expected to voice the view that gay people should live a fully equal life within the church.

But the Dean of Manchester Cathedral, The Very Rev Rogers Govender, said they were not so explicit.

He said: “It was a very good conference, very positive with about 50 people here and the two speakers were both very well received, it was a very positive experience.

“No specific calls were made at all.

“The conference was about issues of Anglican diversity and what they said -and others said in the course of the day – is that the Anglican church is historically diverse and makes room for people of different persuasions.

“At this critical time we need to reclaim that ground and make sure we put in our views on retaining that ethos which is essentially Anglican – rather than having extreme views on either side of the debate.”

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2 comments on “Scottish Anglicans call for gay tolerance

  1. Br. Michael says:

    Look, lets be honest. This is not “tolerance”, it is approval. It is saying that gay sexuality and lifestyle is Holy to the Lord and the Church can regognize it as such.

  2. Rolling Eyes says:

    Br. Michael, you are correct. All the “tolerance” rhetoric is just proof of the inherent dishonesty found in the reappraiser worldview.