In Andover, Massachusetts, Christ Episcopal Church celebrates 175 years of 'spreading light'

Throughout its 175-year history, members of Christ Church have tried to be true to the Bible’s messages of spreading the light.

Members have been instrumental in the founding of Habitat for Humanity, the Professional Center for Child Development of Andover, the Neighbors in Need food pantries in Lawrence and Methuen, Bread and Roses soup kitchen in Lawrence, and Esperanza Academy, an all-girls middle school in Lawrence.

“When you spread that light out, you get lit within,” said Margot Bixby, who has been attending the church since 1959.

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Update: In order to generate a pictorial chart of this parish, please go [url=]here[/url] and enter “Massachusetts” in the second line down under “Diocese.” Next please wait a moment and then click on “Church” and choose “Christ Church (Andover, MA)”. Then wait another moment and choose “View Church chart” under that line (the middle of the three choices).


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4 comments on “In Andover, Massachusetts, Christ Episcopal Church celebrates 175 years of 'spreading light'

  1. TomRightmyer says:

    200 ASA income 500,000. endowment?

  2. Cranmerian says:


  3. Don C says:

    I’m not sure of the demographics of Christ Church in particular but, Andover is a wealthier town. “According to a 2007 estimate,[8] the median income for a household in the town was $102,762, and the median income for a family was $131,469.” (from wikipedia which quotes census data).

    ASA of 225 on a membership of 1400? Perhaps its time to purge the rolls or, just as likely, most don’t go to church every week.

  4. heath says:

    Well many Episcopal churches do have two congregations – the 1st-and-3rd-Sundays-crowd and the 2nd-and-4th-Sundays-crowd