Church of England may suggest 'rule book' of beliefs

Church of England bishops have drawn up plans for a “rule book” of beliefs that would expel liberals who refuse to abide by it.

The proposals to introduce Papal-style laws come despite warnings that they could lead to a split in the Church.

The confidential document from the House of Bishops, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, claims that a “narrower definition of Anglican belief” is crucial to prevent the Anglican Communion from becoming embroiled in future disputes over issues such as homosexual clergy.

The paper reveals the determination at the highest levels of the Church to impose powers to quash dissenters, backing a covenant – or set of rules – that would block Anglican clergy from pursuing liberal and potentially divisive policies.

There is no official policy that governs the clergy’s behaviour, but instead each of the world’s 38 Anglican provinces is autonomous.

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17 comments on “Church of England may suggest 'rule book' of beliefs

  1. D. C. Toedt says:

    I think we need to see the actual document, along with a list of who is supposedly on board with it, before getting too worked up about it.

  2. David Keller says:

    We don’t need a new document. We already have itr and alot of the “liberals” don’t believe it. It’s called the Nicene Creed.

  3. Florida Anglican [Support Israel] says:

    We also have the Bible which, despite attempts by others to discredit it, is pretty clear about what we are to believe.

  4. David Keller says:

    allyHM–No disagreement from me on that one. As Kendall says, it’s always good to go to the source document!

  5. Grandmother says:

    Should be taken with a very large “grain of salt”..
    I’ll believe it when we see it..

  6. naab00 says:

    I can’t believe this is gonna work. There are unbelieving non-Christian clergy in the CofE who just wouldn’t be willing to accept anything like this imposed on them. There are false teachers in the CofE, ditto. Both are in the House of Bishops too and ditto. And besides the HoB won’t be able to agree amongst themselves. Anything they can agree won’t be worth enforcing.

    This is a bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Wonderful idea in theory but in practice unbelief and false belief has been institutionalised within the CofE. The basis of unity is already well established: the gospel. Ah, but which gospel? Because the CofE is FULL of false gospels – ask any two clergy and they’ll demonstrate it very powerfully…..

  7. MKEnorthshore says:

    “The proposals to introduce Papal-style laws come despite warnings that they could lead to a split in the Church.” And that would be different how?

  8. DonGander says:

    I think that such a thing that addresses the worst of the current heresies would be valuable. The Church has a responsibility to state just what is outside the practice of Scripture and the aforementioned creeds. It has always done so. Archbishops are speaking. Will we listen or will we be replaced?

    By the way, I don’t see this a all like a “papal” thing. It is more of an authority of the broader Church.


  9. Rev. J says:

    Kb9gzg, now that is an interesting name to type. I agree, that would be different how. OH NO not the danger of a SPLIT? ! !
    Wonder how VGR will fit into the rule book. I would favor such a thing. I think that is pretty much what the Primates were hoping would evolve from the meeting in Africa. If TEC throws out enough stuff to discredit the Bible, Prayer Book, Creeds, 39 Articles, you have to have something. A new thing might be just the ticket to bring meaning back into those things that we wierd Bible Believing people already believe and know to the TRUTH, given by He who is the Way, the Truth and Life, and maybe there will be a NEW understanding that “NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME”
    Many think that is Jesus just kidding around, I happen to think that He meant it seriously, and I take it that way. Silly Me !

  10. David+ says:

    Wow! Maybe there is some hope for the Church of England after all! But it would surely come with some claiming it is unchristian to declare anyone beyond the pale. After all, isn’t universal salvation part of the Nicean Creed?

  11. RichardKew says:

    Journalists love using loaded language like “Papal-style,” even suggesting an Inquisitional type tyranny to get their readers’ attention. But what seems to be suggested here is something that is akin to a code of belief and conduct for the church’s ordained leadership. If this is what the bishops of the Church of England have in mind, then I think it is an idea that has some merit. There are certainly codes of conduct in a whole variety of other fields of endeavor, so unless we are total antinomians then this deserves a cautious welcome and might turn out to be something really helpful.

  12. John B. Chilton says:

    I’ve read this article a few times now, and in the end it just doesn’t ring true, possibly because the reporter has got some wires crossed. I notice commenters over at StandFirm come to the same conclusion and not just for reasons of cynicism. Wait and see.

  13. john scholasticus says:

    This would be quite incredibly stupid. Difficult to believe it even of Rowan Williams, Tom Wright etc.

  14. Henry Troup says:

    #12 – I think the Torygraph has just heard about the proposed covenant from Dar Es Salaam. Note the use of the word “international” in the story.

  15. MJD_NV says:

    They already have the Bible, the Creeds and the 39 Articles to not pay attention to. Why add more to what liberals will not follow?

  16. alaninlondon says:

    I would be extremely suprised if the Church of England Synod would enact any legislation that accepted any covenant that was other than very broadly based, likewise any supposed ‘rule book’. Even if it did, this would then have to have the agreement of Parliament. Whilst it is the case that Church legislation is ‘nodded’ through the Lords and Commons, I think a piece of legislation that effectively ‘unchurched’ a sizable proportion of the Church of Enland’s membership would be be opposed in Parliament. So I would take this story with a very big pinch of salt.

  17. Harvey says:

    The rule book has been with us for over 1900 years. It sometimes gets twisted around but the Bible is still here and ready to lead us.