Homeland Security to Impose New Air Cargo Rules

The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that it is planning to impose new air cargo screening rules by Friday, in reaction to the recent securities gaps revealed by the the bomb plot in Yemen.

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2 comments on “Homeland Security to Impose New Air Cargo Rules

  1. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    Duh! Anyone that works in aviation could tell you that this has been a gaping hole in our security forever! The bright folks at TSW didn’t just figure this out. We finally had an incident that became public knowledge, so they are being forced to act. It is very telling that Big Sis’ first response was “more pat downs”…demonstrating a complete lack of situational awareness by the “leadership” and a knee-jerk reaction to take yet more civil liberties away. Where is the 4th Amendment in “more pat downs”? Next gaping hole that needs to be fixed is container ships. Fewer than 1/10th of all cargo ship containers are even checked. Talk about wide open!!! Oh, and there is still that little issue of an open southern border. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars, created new government agencies like TSA and Homeland Security and the clowns at the top still can’t get it right. It is always “reaction” with these people. There isn’t any proactive thought. They are just a group that are only able to close the barn doors after the horse has run off.

  2. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    Typo…TSA not “TSW”