Pope Benedict XVI offers BBC's Thought For The Day on Christmas Eve

God is always faithful to his promises, but he often surprises us in the way he fulfils them. The child that was born in Bethlehem did indeed bring liberation, but not only for the people of that time and place – he was to be the Saviour of all people throughout the world and throughout history. And it was not a political liberation that he brought, achieved through military means: rather, Christ destroyed death for ever and restored life by means of his shameful death on the Cross. And while he was born in poverty and obscurity, far from the centres of earthly power, he was none other than the Son of God.

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One comment on “Pope Benedict XVI offers BBC's Thought For The Day on Christmas Eve

  1. rugbyplayingpriest says:

    It was so wonderful. The Christian message condensed and put simply and in love. It ended with a pastoral promise of prayer for the people. What a contrast to the usual liberal leaning pseudo pretentious vageuly Christian stuff that is usually delivered!