Mouneer Anis–Anglicans and Global Mission

When Anglicans worship, we affirm our faith by saying the Creed together. As we come to the point when we say, “we believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church,” we remember that we are part of the one Church of Christ since it was started on the day of Pentecost and before all the divisions that have taken place over the centuries. It also reminds us of our responsibilities to strive for unity, in order to fulfill the desire of Jesus’ heart: “that they may be one” (cf. John 17).

This also reminds us of our failure to take seriously our responsibility towards the unity of the Church of Christ. We not only have failed, but many of the reformed and evangelical churches have contributed in widening the gap between them and the traditional churches.

This “widening of the gap” happened as a result of rejecting many ideas and practices, simply because they belonged to the traditional churches. The main focus of our reformed churches was directed towards the study of the Scriptures, mission and evangelism….

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One comment on “Mouneer Anis–Anglicans and Global Mission

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    God bless +Anis. He makes the point well that many of our ecumenical partners as Anglicans have left the failing Instruments behind, and have decided only to deal sensibly with those of us who remain Christian.

    What a state of affairs Rowan Williams has brought us to through his undermining of the Instruments and their decisions. What has be brought us: the Ordinariate, GAFCON and the Global South Movement in place of our conciliar and representative Instrument-led faithful church? Is that what we will remember him for?