'Pushing back the darkness' — Alabama Episcopalians continue Haitian missions

There’s rubble in the streets, cholera in the water, anger among the voters – and glimmers of hope in surprising places in Haiti, say Episcopal volunteers.

A team of physicians, nurses and others will be returning to Haiti for the 10th trip this year organized by Episcopalians. The week-long mission, which starts Saturday, will fall on the anniversary of the deadly earthquake that razed much of Port au Prince.

“Haiti is probably in one of the darkest times in its entire history,” said the Rev. Deacon Dave Drachlis of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, who will be returning for his eighth mission this year. “But, believe it or not, there is hope. Hope comes in the presence of people who support our ministries there.”

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One comment on “'Pushing back the darkness' — Alabama Episcopalians continue Haitian missions

  1. A Senior Priest says:

    Haiti is a place which is so dysfunctional -culturally, socially, economically, governmentally, that not even the Communists at the height of their revolutionary zeal and power wanted to get involved with it. As far as I’m concerned France should take ownership of the ongoing disaster they created.