(Living Church) Central Florida Challenges Title IV

Central Florida joins three other dioceses ”” Dallas, South Carolina and Western Louisiana ”” in expressing concerns about the new canons on discipline, which become effective July 1.

The diocese asks General Convention “to modify New Title IV, as it applies to the Diocese of Central Florida, so as to comply with the Constitution.” The resolution expresses two concerns about the new Title IV: that it “empowers the Presiding Bishop to take certain actions within the Diocese of Central Florida in violation of Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution,” and “creates a charging and trial system applicable to Presbyters and Deacons in violation of Article IX of the Constitution which provides that presbyters and deacons shall be tried by a court instituted by the convention of the Diocese.”

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2 comments on “(Living Church) Central Florida Challenges Title IV

  1. Village Vicar says:

    Very thankful to see that somebody else is noticing what significant TEC Constitutional problems have been created by the Title IV revisions. Every diocese should be concerned about this matter. The implications go beyond our current struggles.

  2. Hursley says:

    With the character of most new bishops being more akin to franchise managers rather than successors to the Apostles, I doubt this will gain much traction. There are simply very few episcopo-CEOs who will step out of line one hair’s breadth today. They are either too scared or (especially in recent years) have no independent mind from 815. We have achieved a “diversity” almost without differences. Sort of like “jumbo shrimp.”